PregMind - your path to parenthood

An app that guides you through your pregnancy

PregMind brings pregnancy and parenthood support directly to you. Studies have shown that up to every fifth woman experiences some form of mental disorder during pregnancy and early parenthood. With PregMind, you'll get easy and practical advice for strengthening your mind. Our methods are based on research, strong evidence and 20 years of clinical experience.

How PregMind Works

PregMind includes a weekly pregnancy program that prepares you for giving birth and parenthood.

Complete weekly practices through our positive coaching methods. Be ready to meet your child and begin one fo the of the most important relationships of your life.

Use our chatbot to search for information. All information is from the Terveysportti database by Duodecim (Kuura Health).

We've partnered with UnWomen to increase the knowledge and opportunities around women's health to foster a healthy and safe environment for reproductive health.

Why PregMind?

When a person finds out they’ll be a parent, the mind gets overwhelmed. The thought of a new child brings immense happiness and joy, but the mind can’t escape feeling worried or fearful. The mind is prone to mental disorders during pregnancy and new parenthood, and research has found that up to one in five experience some form of mental health issues during pregnancy and early parenthood.

In the past, there hasn’t been enough information, help and tools to prevent problems and support mental health. PregMind’s treatment is trusted by professionals and has been used by the Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) for over 20 years.

Based on our model, we’re now offering treatment for childbirth and parenthood through the PregMind app. We’re currently piloting our demo with pregnant women at HUS Lohja, Vihti and Karkkila in Finland.

About us

The founders of PregMind - Riikka Airo, Maiju Tokola and Nina Torkler- are entrepreneurs and professionals in psychology and psychotherapy. They are specialized in issues related to reproductive health at Tunnetila Psychotherapy Services. They each have over 20 years of clinical and scientific experience. Riikka, Maiju and Nina are enthusiastically developing new tools to support becoming parents!

Maiju Tokola

Nina Torkler

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